Friday, February 03, 2006


There's never enough... for one who doesn't know how to manage his time carefully...
There always too much... for one who either does close to nothing, or manages his time meticulously.

There's just enough... for someone who just about manages his time.
Time can be squeezed and stretched. It's like rubber-band. But what makes that possible is not the physical quantity that we call time, but the strength of the mind. (Maybe another blog on the mind later! I love that topic too!)
Now, we tend to divide time into three: past, present, future. Why do we divide it? What makes these three parts so significant? Is one more important than the other?

Well, it finally varies from person to person... But one might say certain weightages for these parts may be preferable. For instance, there's no use in spending all of the present thinking about the past or the future, because then we are left with no present! On the other hand, there is generally so much beauty we can find in the past that it feels nice to dedicate a little time to dwell on it. And the mistakes in the past might be recalled and kept in mind, so as not to repeat the same in the future.

The future itself, requires a good amount of planing in the present. Finally, to give a direction and meaning to life, we should know where we're headed. Ever planned a holiday trip without knowing where you're going? Not a wise idea. Unless it was only planning and you never implemented it.

So we would have spent some of the past saving some of it for the present. Similarly, we'll spend some time in the present saving it for the future. After all, some moments are just so precious that they are worth looking at again and again. But if you dedicate your present to just preserving, you're left with no present, no past and no future!

Time is such a beautiful thing available to us. Most management gurus will say Time=Money. Though that can be proved, none would deny that Money is just one of the many things time can give us. Like the time you have spent reading this blog. It didn't pay you back. Nor did my time pay me back while writing it. But we did it for something beyond material gains. (Again leave this for a future blog!)

Therefore, value time and learn to use it well!!! And I wish you all the best in your attempts.


OnLYyOurSpiYu said...

Well....i alwayz knew the TIME... but after reading ur blog i valued it a lil more!!
Nice article........

Anonymous said...

Well time has its own importance in life. Because after all it is time that decides most of the things we do. I believe that time also has the property to heal. For example if relationships go sour it is only time before you get along. Any coments on that one??

Avan said...

Well, Khirad, a few questions arise:
1. Do we control time or does time control us?
2. Do relationships go sour on their own, or did one of those involved allow it to happen? And do all heal?
I shall try to answer these questions in my future blogs...

Anonymous said...

Well well well. Hmmm.
Well i belive that time controls us and we control time. I say this because most of the time we just have to do certain things without further delay this is time controlling us. The other is when we can delay things a bit then we are controlling things.

Remember One swimple rule in life.
Things dont just happen we make them happen. This is always true and if you cant see the reson then dont say it just happened say it happend due to certain reason(s) and i am blind to that reason(s) right now.

Well all wounds do heal, but some leave a scar and some more leave deep scars. This scar sometimes is what leads to us beliving that the wound has not healed.

Srikanth said...

Too good of a blog, seriously...

Time to ponder ;)

-- Srikanth