Friday, February 03, 2006

GNU/Linux! GNU/Linux! GNU/Linux!

Freedom!!!!!!!!! I love freedom!!!!!!!!!
An hence I shall seek a form of components for my computational, processing and manipulation machine which gives me my share of freedom!
English translation: I try to find software for my computer which allows me to use, distribute and modify FREELY!
Let me tell you how it all started...
I actually started using computers in 1992/93. Our first machine was a 386. Yeah, that's right. We had Windows 3.11 installed on it. Since then, we've made upgrades, and changes of OS, and right now at home we use Win XP. But it so happened that my bro, over time(as he was doing his engg), started to fiddle around with GNU/Linux. Being the little fan of my bro that I am, I started trying it too. :-)
So when my bro got me this new laptop of mine, it had Win XP and Redhat Linux 6.2 or so installed. Now, it was in about March 2005, I guess, that the guru of Free Software dropped into Hyd. And he told us about the three freedoms. (If you're lost on this, I suggest you search up the GNU website and find out! It's awesome!). I came back to my room, and scrapped Windows. :-)
I'm currently blogging from my laptop(my sweetheart!) which has Fedora Core 4, and Ubuntu 5.10 installed. And I've got solutions so far to everything I've wanted to do! I keep fiddling around with the proc subsystem to check out what's happening to my battery. And run my laptop as a server.
Lets just sum it up to say I love GNU/Linux! Boy, I'm looking forward to Fedora Core 5!!!!!

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