Wednesday, December 17, 2014

God, Boon and Bane

If God - if there is a God,
gives - if such were to occur,
would it be upon us,
to good or ill, a status or intent confer?
Do we look a gift horse in the mouth,
or unwrap it and see what it might offer?

If boon - if we grant such a label,
were consumed without thought,
what perils it may later bring us,
consider - all of us ought?
And, with care, must we examine it
for our biases must be caught?

If bane - oh, what a shame,
were lamented and too early discarded,
all the fruits it may later bring,
all its hidden benefits prematurely parted..
Is it God that brought us such evil,
or was such ill, by our haste, started?

Oh, come now friends,
Let finding our peace within be our advice,
hold hands and accept what comes,
without grouping it virtue or vice.
Nor judging a supreme being or force,
of whose true nature we cannot surmise.

When one man gains,
and another man suffers,
Let us resolve to work together,
like caring sisters and brothers.
For true lasting happiness within us comes,
from being grateful and seeing happiness in others.