Thursday, June 22, 2006

Approbate language

[Statutory Warning: This is for enlightenment, oh, sorry, I mean, entertainment purpose only ]

No. That is not right word. I think that the word in title should have been “appropriate”. Yes. Please excuse me for the mistake in English of this other. Nowadays we have many many language. So kept track of them is very terrier, no I mean tedious.

So I will came to the topic which is center of the day. Many people think they now, oh, sorry, know more than what they have in their hearts. I mean brains. In the progress(or is it process), they make myself seem like fools behind others. For existence, let us take the case of I. I only tell what I remembrance. I restrict to go after that. So I do not portend because I realize that wise man there will see I am trying to do.

On the other palm, many nice softwares are there nowadays. One can easily convert on the line from one language to other. Again, this software is also their to see if airer in spelling occurs. If word is not write, it will underscore it with read wavy line. We can then click on right it and see what words can take the place to give meaning. I used 2.0 Writer to makes this document. I don't like Grammar check. It make green lines on the screen! I not like green lines.

So all on top means that we don't have to be pundit to make righting. We only need know how to use software. Rest is automatic. I learn so much vocabulary today. Please conglomerate me. It is grate achievement for me. And I tell you infinitely I will be back to shave my learning experience with you.

Please feels freedom to right comments. I will get red each and every won and try much to reply. Thanks you!

(Oh, only 1 spelling mistake I made in whole above document!!! I corrected it using tool!)