Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The grass is greener on this side

A few months back, my brother, my sister-in-law and I were at a charity event where funds are raised through 5k and 10k walks and runs. It was a wonderful sunny day, and the races had just got over. The park was really nice as well, with plenty of greenery all around us. As we were heading back after the event, I observed the turf that we were walking over, and said to my brother, comparing it with some grass that a ditch divided us from... "It looks like the grass is greener on this side!" We laughed about it.

Today, I was thinking back to that day, and realizing that there was much more to my state of mind that day, than the landscape I saw. I really enjoyed that day for many reasons.

To begin with, I was spending time outside in the sun after a long time. The weather was just right, and I was enjoying it with family. For a while, I felt the freedom that I had - to do just what I had wanted to do. That in itself, cast away any anxieties that I may have felt the day before. I felt in control of my life.

Besides, it felt really good to be giving - to be volunteering at an event, that would give that good feeling to so many more people who had come to participate in the event, while funding the education of children who couldn't otherwise afford it. It felt good to just be doing that small bit, no matter how small, to make a difference to the world.

When I said "the grass is greener on this side", what I really felt was how fortunate I am to be where I am. To be in a position to think these thoughts and write a blog post about it, or to even read one, is to have come a long long way. In fact, just writing this post has inspired me to move on and make a difference yet again. It's the drops that make the ocean.