Thursday, February 02, 2006

Life is Bliss!

Life is Bliss

Times come. And times go.
And I'm the happiest anyone could know.
I walk with a big smile on my face,
With that feeling nothing can replace.
The days are fine, the nights get better.
While I read through my old friend's letter.
After it's over, I gladly blink.
And once again I think...

Of the days we used to test our parent's cool.
Every morning, we'd anxiously rush to school.
And learn the world in that small room.
Come out and watch the flowers bloom.

Of the days we used to run around and play.
Every afternoon, in the old grass field we'd stay.
And enjoy every bit of our mid-day snack.
And happily jogging we'd all come back!

Of the days we went to that old Park Fair.
Every evening, at the old Giant Wheel we'd stare.
And try every ride that we hadn't before.
And spend lots of time at the Cotton Candy store.

Of the days we'd gobble mom's home delicacies.
Every night, at the old family table we'd squeeze.
And end every meal with a delightful dessert.
And drag mom to the room, for a pre-bedtime concert.

Of the days, when daddy would spend the whole day home!
Every Sunday, in the living room we'd all, like nomads, roam.
And play about with toys, and all kinds of games.
And run to dad when we started calling each other names!

And some things don't change, they just stay how they were.
Coz now I'm in college but the distances do blur,
When we go for vacation, and its all just the same.
We're all together again playing that same old game!

Times never change. What can change is us.
Don't waste your time making a big fuss.
Blend your life round to be what it should be.
And you'll always love life, and smile up in glee!


Anonymous said...

Hi that was really a very nice poem-full of happiness-way to go.ward to more such poetry.

Anonymous said...

nice poem avanish...made me smile..

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Ah... I can just feel my past in action replay!

Kudos! From one kavi to another!!

Anonymous said...

that is so good!! hey didn't know there was a hidden poet in ur hrt.. kaha chupa ke rakha tha itne din? well all the posts are good.. but this poem just brought back the memories of my scholl days which was THE most enjoing part of my life... truly after reading ur poem i do feel Life is Bliss!!!