Tuesday, January 28, 2014

You make me...

(Inspired by conversations with the moon)

You make my head go *poof*
You make my heart go *flutter*
Coz when you’re with me
You make me… me.

Your smile brings me to life
Your eyes electrify my soul
Coz when you’re talking to me
You make me… me.

Never thought I could feel so good
You take bliss to a whole new level.
You bring down all my walls.
And you make me… me.

All I need is a little patience.
Coz nothing worth it is easy to get.
But I know that you are worth it.
Coz you’ll make me… me.

I watch the setting horizon
With the hue of your blushing face
I think of the times we’ve had together
And how you make me… me

Is this… the end? Or is it a new beginning?
Have I... lost myself? Or have I found myself finally?
Has the… world stopped turning? Or has my life come to a still?
I don’t know what’s happening to me. I’m undergoing a transformation.
Will you… please caress me? Tell me it’ll all be alright.
I believe in you now… coz you’re the only one.
That can make me… me

As we part ways, I have no hard feelings.
Every single moment, was how it was meant to be.
Though the distance appears to grow,
I know we’ve blended into one.

You’ve made me… me.