Thursday, February 02, 2006

Every end leads to a new beginning...

What a title, don't you think? I'm feeling mighty proud of it! Well, ok. Let me get down to the topic now... (despite the fact that my feeling of "pride" is taking a temporary halt, only to pop back up, when I finish writing this blog! Just like the topic says!)

First, lets put down fundamentals. A beginning is when something not existing at one instant starts to exist in a successive instant. (Not from the dictionary, so please don't penalise me for it!). An end is when something existing at one instant seizes to exist in a successive instant.

Lets take this blog for instance. It ends after a few lines. Or maybe a few more lines. But it does end. That starts thoughts in your mind, maybe? Or, makes you move to another site. Or makes you post back(please do!).

Life is full of examples of the same. A semester ends. The vacation starts. The vacation ends. The semester starts. Then the semester...(Break!). Then I graduate. Then I go for a job... Or further studies. I hope you get the point.

Now a question arises... what happens after life? Are we stuck on this one? Lets see... I think I should try to define life before proceeding. Scientifically, it's basically a groups of molecules under a set of conditions interacting in a specific way to result in certain features such as growth, reproduction, etc. which we classify as characteristics of life. If any of the conditions isn't satisfied, we state it as lifeless. So when we “die” those characteristics are not being satisfied. However, the molecules are still there. And they are reused by some other organisms which are, so to speak, “living”, and change into another form. Kindly do note here, that I'm speaking at a purely physical level. Leaving out spirituality and metaphysics, and so on. We can leave those for a later blog. ;-).
Now, once they change form, they start new reactions. And, probably, do finally get involved in maintaining life of another form.

If we move yet another step, we could wonder what would happen when the human race gets extinct. I guess you must be following on now and expecting me to justify it by leading to another species. If you're lost, bored or not convinced, you're welcome to comment so. I shall try to cater to your needs in some other blog!

Great! If you're with me so far, we're getting along well! I'll move on to analyse what would happen if the world ends... To move a little fast, let's just check out what might get harder to explain. World... Solar System... Galaxy... Universe... Aha! Universe! There's a tough one! Can we define the end of the universe? Can we define the beginning of the universe? Such a definition doesn't appear to be in existence in the physical world. (Unless you try looking at things at the level of Stephen Hawking!) Hence, I shall postpone such a discussion to a later stage when I am well-versed with such topics. However, it may have no practical implications on our lives, and that was probably the reason general sciences don't delve deep into it.

Another important word to put in here... The reason the above blog appears so simple and valid(at least to me!) is based on the fact that the title itself is very vague! After all, all limits on theorems can be proved only under certain constraints! Remove the constraints, and there is no limit!

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Anonymous said...

Talking about dying. We never die because however or rather howsoever are funeral is done. We always desolve into the earth. Infact there is a saying that everything rises from the sand and finally ends back as sand. Now talking about the metaphysicall. There are any instances of people felling or having a faint thought that though the person is no more they still feel there presence. There has infact been a full one hour show on national geographic where this couple actually talk to the dead. I am not sure as to wether it was there ancester or the previous person who was livig in that house.
Look i firly believe that wether we like it or not there is life after death. After all that is being researched today after around a hundered cases of people reporting there past and actually relating there previous life.