Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Open Eyes

I look at her, and she looks back at me.
Our thoughts run deep, and steal our sleep.
We carry on, pensive. We couldn't care less.
For we are together, there's nothing else we see.

Our goals are different. The path is one.
We reach different places. Yet the end result is one.
Twists and turns face us both alike.
And we strive for more, for challenges we like.

Whatever we may have done,
whatever pain we may have felt,
the perseverance that brought us here,
without letting our rock hard hearts melt...

It was all but too much,
for what we live now to feel.
And we knew it then, as we know now
what makes our lives so real.

We move on in this glory,
proud of what we are.
No speck too small, no star too far,
for we know for the mind no bar.

This is the virtue we knew once.
This is the virtue we now know .
And be it our virtue for others vice,
We care not, for it is theirs to think twice.

We've done our share, and we'll never cease,
to choose our way, and to pay the fees.
Never, though, shall we leave behind,
what is ours by right. No, we're not blind.

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Anonymous said...

Hey. Thanks.... what more can I say..... Loved it too.