Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Love is blind.

For those who think that love is blind, love IS blind. For those who have to shut their eyes to experience reality, who hide the fear of what they see to replace it with what they want to see, love is blind. For those who say that the perfect match is only an ideal, never to be reached, love is blind.

Love is blind. Love doesn't care for material things. It sees the representation of values in physical form. Not the physical form in itself. Were the body devoid of all the things it represents, it wouldn't be loved any more.

Have you ever seen how a kid loves his teddy-bear? But the toy is lifeless. And, had the kid not associated certain values with the toy, he would not have loved it. Look at the number of people who toss soft toys aside as they grow. What changed? Just the values associated with it.

To me, love is the real eye opener. It makes you see everything you thought, everything you dreamed of, everything you reached out for, and everything your values stand for. The physical existence of your cherished values. That is love.

I love my parents. Is that blind love? Do I love them just because they are parents? No. My parents gave me the environment I needed to try and learn what life is. They gave me wings and said, “Go on, son. Learn to fly.” And my love for them is how I pay back to them. It manifests itself in the way I treat them, in the way I make choices, in the way I behave.

I love my brother. Is that blind love? Do I love him just because he's my brother? No. My Bro has always been, and will always be my best friend. He always shared his experiences with me, and said, “That's the way things go. Your life is yours. Choose how it should be.” My love for him is a reciprocation of the values he sees in me, and a representation of the values I see in him.

I love to study. What do I love it for? I value wisdom. And my pursuit of that value gives me pleasure.

I love to dance. What do I love it for? I like the control over my body, and its perfect synchronization with the running music.

I love to write. What do I love it for? It's the presentation of my highly sophisticated complex thoughts into an organized form, a reiteration of that which holds meaning for me.

I love to bungee jump. What do I love it for? I like to stretch the limits of human control to experience a thrill associated with high risk.

I love to croak like a frog. What do I love it for? It makes my throat vibrate in a ticklish manner. (Added just to throw in some humour)

It's really in this sense, that love is NOT blind. Love has reasons. And very clear ones. Love promotes what we consider appropriate to our lives. When we try to love by contradicting our own reasons for it, we find ourselves lost. We question the validity of love, and its essence. Love is not sans thought. Whenever we try to skip thought in love, we reach the same uncertainty that holds in the case of any action taken without thought. And the questions of why we did it, can come back to haunt us. When love is a consequence of what we consider right, and our understanding of right is clear to us, love is heaven. It has no bounds, and there's no turning back in it.


Anonymous said...

Love makes you see things a lot more clearer. The purpose and the reason. Without it there is no meaning in life and love is no exception, either.

May you find yours. Cheers.

Maitreyee said...

luuuv ur writing style..dn't quite agree wid ur views at sum places but yea gud wrk!!

Srikanth said...

You are right,you love because you get something else in return that makes you happy. But overall, I am still confused about this whole love thing.

Ignorance is bliss :-)