Saturday, April 28, 2018

A strong foundation

It is a timeless advice, perhaps... Build a strong foundation, and then experiment. If you fail, fear not. Keep trying, keep learning and you will eventually succeed.

Not much is said about what it takes to build a strong foundation... The many attempts, the hard work, the people who had already found their core and gave you the advice you needed at the time when you needed it. The people who failed to build their own foundation... Setting aside their attempts to give you the platform you needed to move forward. The people who didn't have the time or resources to build a foundation... Who had nobody before them who could even give them a start, a first step... Whose lives consist not of experimenting, but just getting by.

Let's speak again of those who did indeed manage to build a foundation. Only to find after many years of relying on the foundation that there were cracks all along, and that the strength of their foundation was an illusion... A clever polishing that hid the cracks all along. That they didn't know half the truth about what their foundation was built on top of.

Seeing and realising all of these may seem grim. Yes, perhaps it is. Yet, not grimmer than the realities that are being seen. For a light now shines upon what is - the realities that once seen, cannot be unseen. And perhaps this awareness is not grim, but a sliver of hope - a silver lining. For once the realities are seen, we can find the tools to either face them and accept them... Or to shape them if we choose to.

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rajuys said...

Nice to see a post after a long gap.
True one never knows how strong a foundation is unless it is tested.