Monday, January 19, 2015

Words were all

Words were all he had with him
And words are not enough.

She touched him like a ray of light
Not yet she knew much of his plight.
But give him lots of hope she did
Be virtuous, man up - she bid

To him was she epiphany
Such grace and charm did never see.
That moved his mind and soul and man
That purified with such elan.

At first knew not what hapt to him
For he’d been hedons to the brim
A noble thought but now and then
Yet much the lion in his den.

She brought him out into the fray
Confront his demons so he may
And when fake pride had come undone
Put him together back to one.

So filled with gratitude was he
Repaid to her he’d never be.
From then was she his queen of hearts
The one who’d healed his broken parts.

So much he wished to do for her
Cross oceans, seas, ev’n Jupiter.
And told her every wish he had
Each word he said just made her sad.

Words were all he had with him

And words are not enough.


rajuys said...

Nice poem albeit a tad melancholic.

cabellmacduff said...

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