Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The new beginning

[ Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.]

Noah stepped off the space ship. He had spent 4 long years working as an aerospace engineer. He had made a home away from home on those strange planets that he had chanced to land on as he traveled from one craft to another. He had no choice. It was his job. But he had loved his job. Every moment of those 4 years had been well spent. He had seen creatures he had never imagined existed. He had learned skills that he never though he would be capable of. He felt proud to have worked with such intricate machinery. He felt honored to have worked shoulder to shoulder with the leading mechanics of the galaxy.

It had been a tough decision. But Noah had decided it was time to come back home. To start things afresh. To bring his experience back home, and build on his home planet. What would he build? He didn't know. All he knew was, he had an unfulfilled duty that he owed to his motherland. He would figure out the rest. Or, he would just wing it.

As he took in the surroundings, he observed his near and dear ones among the crowd cheering for him. He hadn't anticipated his homecoming to be such an event. After all, he had never been famous. Alright, his job had actually been "rocket science". Still... he had just gone out, done his regular job, and decided to come back. It was no different from any other job in the galaxy.

He observed the expressions on the faces around him, and noticed quite a plethora of emotions. Some were delighted, while many others held an expression of fear or confusion. He knew they would ask the inevitable question... "Why did you come home? You could have made a life there!" He also knew that he wasn't ready with an answer. He let it be, hoping that time would answer all of the questions.

Now back home, he found that little had changed in his town. His favorite snack shop was right where he remembered, and the snacks were just as tasty. The weather could never have been better. The people all went about doing their daily chores, busy as ever. Everyone greeted each other with the same warmth that he had always associated with home.

Though Noah did take some time to readjust himself to his old ways of life, he was glad to be home. He had been fortunate to get the best of treatment, and garner respect throughout his career, even when far away. But it felt good to be treated once again like the little fledgling who was stumbling along these streets not too long ago. It felt great to relive his memories of childhood, and of the place where he learned to walk, then run before he flew off on his interplanetary adventures. As he stood by, staring at the glory of the sunset, he looked onward at the horizon. It reminded him once again, of how far he had come, yet also of the limitless expanse that lay in front of him, begging to be discovered.


SaptSuramCTSEntertainment said...

Good one....After reading, i felt that u are planning to come back to your homwetown and imagined urself in Noah's place....:)

Anonymous said...

Liked the last few lines....

As he stood by, staring at the glory of the sunset, he looked onward at the horizon. It reminded him once again, of how far he had come, yet also of the limitless expanse that lay in front of him, begging to be discovered.....

When we leave a life that is "successful and happening" in terms of others, it would obviously raise a lot of eyebrows...but in the end the only thing that matters is what we believe in and what our heart wants..

Welcome Home!! :)

Aditya Somani said...

Friends will miss Noah. Hopefully they will be in touch via the radio waves. All the best Noah!

Avan said...

Thanks! Though the post is fiction... Yes, I have come back to my home too.

Glad you liked it. Following one's intincts is important. One should not be reckless, though.

Hopefully he will. Also, Noah will certaainly need his friends' wishes to succeed!

Roni said...

well said Noah!!! welcome back

Anonymous said...


I agree with you that one cannot be reckless. What I meant was one should follow their heart, but rationally. Again, rationale varies from person to person. Something which sounds logical to me may/may not be logical to you. Its an endless discussion.

In the end, life is what you make of it. Its your life, so shape it into one that you are happy with.

Btw, nice theme. Like the green color.

Anonymous said...

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