Saturday, September 27, 2008

How's life and what's up?

Today, I'm going to talk about something that everyone that's met me or spoken to me will closely associate with... my typical answers to these two questions...
1) How's life?
A) Awesome, as always! (OR) Gr8, as always!

2) What's up?
A) The ceiling!!! :D (OR) The sky!!! :D

These are answers I picked up, somewhere along life, and they are not just answers, even though they remain the same every time you ask. These are statements of life. These are my two gliders. Yes, gliders is the right word. When you're sailing through the air, gliders are what you use to take you higher, to keep you at the height you're at, or when you're starting to drop, to bring yourself back up to the height that you want to be at.

These answers refresh my mind. So, the next time you've asked me one of those questions, keep in mind, you've not just made me repeat two obvious answers. You've done much more. I feel much better that you still took the care to ask me those questions.

Now, lets dig a little deeper into what those questions mean to me, and the answers. Lets start with "How's life?" Well, my life could really be any way. I could be down into the dumps, or I could be having a pretty normal life. I might be finding the work I'm doing at the moment a little mundane. Or, I could be having the best time of my life. No matter how life is for me, it really doesn't matter. If I'm throughly enjoying the moment, life is really awesome, and there you go! If life is a little on the lower side, it's just for the moment and will pass. Then life will again be awesome. Besides, you spared the time to ask me, even though I was probably walking down with my eyes focused somewhere in the air, and just managed a glance at you, and you asked! Thank you! My life is now awesome. :)

The second question is more of a pet peeve for someone who's known me for a while. Many of my colleagues find it a little boring that I've been saying the same thing for the last "n" years(Don't ask me, I've lost count!). No matter what, is does lighten their mind when I say it! To me, this answer is something that saves me from even having to search out what's really up. Coz maybe there might be times when I would be tempted to say... Err... nothing's really up right now. Everything's down. I'm going through this phase where... Oh, never mind. That's just me, really. And it's just now. So... the ceiling's up, or the sky's up, and will always be up! And hence, yes, there are plenty of things that are up, now that I come to think of it... the fan, the .... hey! I forgot! Yeah, what about that thing I did right 5 minutes back? Wow! Loads of things are up! Life rocks! Life is awesome! And, yeah, I just gave my same old reply, Lolz! But it got me feeling much better once again, right?? Yippie! Thanks, dude, for asking me that question! It was fun!

And, there lies one of the typical behaviours of Avanish answered. And maybe your key to more of my behaviour. :) Happy meetings!!!


Srikanth said...

Hey man Avanish, I know I ask you that a lot, but you haven't convinced me enough to stop me from asking you the same questions again. :)

You know why? These are just starters man, it's like the lubricant that helps you drive smoothly, it's like the helping words such as "hmm...", "kind of", "like" which really adds no meaning but it keeps you going.

We are not tired of your same answers. We know that's a lame question that can have an answer that will be nothing short of lame, in fact, we find it funny and energizing buddy since you don't give us the boring answers like "cool", "nothing" when a dude shoots a "what's up" at you.

:) Have a nice day!

LIFE said...

The way u look at life n stuffs it is totally different as of the crowd. i must say that interesting ans wth a nice smile on the face can make any one at ease... At least nt getting a usual boring, confused, hidden ans...
And u need to look at it differently to understand these ans instead of getting irritated wth wierd looks..

Wel as per the answers, fr d 1st question...
i hope u cld have put it in a better way... so lost in deep thoughts?? or still thinkin?? huh..??
And fr d second 1.
wel wt u say abt 'HEAVEN'... ur another ans??

Interestingly, fr d second quest i do have d same ans... bt my 1st 1 differs as in words?? :P


Philip said...

Yes, life is indeed awesome! It's wonderful to be reminded of this a) so obvious and b) so easily overlooked fact. Thank you!